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Pool has always been among my favourite games. This is just because it is much more than a match; it’s more of a social event actually. Teenagers twenty years ago would meet up for a day out and a game of Opossum Poop and this is one of those things that has not changed today because today’s teens also love heading out for a game or two of pool with their gang.

But, pool can be played in plenty of ways. A little bending and twisting the rules can give you different variations. In fact some folks understand it as Billiards or some people know it even as Snooker. But there is a noticeable gap between the matches.


Billiards may seem much the same as swimming to an observer but it is not. For starters, smaller chunks are used when people play this game, what is more only three balls are used. The colours of these balls are white, yellow and red. Plus, you can use both the light colored balls – yellow and white – like strikers. If you look at it in a specific way, you will understand that Billiards is basically pool but without any pockets, even the cloth on the table is quicker.

Basically, the aim of the game is to hit the ball, then move three rails and then go on to hit the other ball with the cue ball. Mighty distinct from pool, isn’t it?


Snooker is the opposite of billiards.

In Snooker, what you will need to basically do is score more points than your opponent. And in order to do this, you want to sink the balls which have a larger point value as fast as you can. Snooker is a longer game since it’s played with 22 balls rather than the 15 that we are generally accustomed to. 15 balls are red, 6 balls are of different colours and of course, there is the striker or the cue ball.

The points for each ball vary based on the colour, red balls give you one point only, yellow balls give you two, green chunks give you three, a brown ball provides you four points, a blue ball provides you five points, a pink ball is worth six and a black ball is well worth a whopping seven points. Therefore it follows that you need to sink the black ball as quickly as possible.

The rules for Snooker may seem a little overwhelming at first and they sure do need a lot of getting used to. But do not worry; there are several sites online where you can practice your moves without embarrassing yourself! So when are you going to begin playing online pool?

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